Introducing Cow Chats: June is Dairy Month

Good mooorning!

June is Dairy Month and that has gotten us thinking. Many of you have already tasted our delicious dairy products. Many of you already know about our wonderful animals that make those products happen. But, we were walking around the farm today and realized that we think you should hear from the girls, straight from the cows mouth. We stopped in the barn and struck up a conversation with one of the cows, Cooler. In between licking our boots, as Cooler is known to do, we chatted with her about Dairy Month. We asked her if there was anything she thought our followers and customers should know. "Do they know how we make our milk and how important it is for us to be comfortable?" asked Cooler. We thought about it for a second and realized that we should take this time to tell you a little bit about the process.

Because Cooler tends to be a total boss, she had to step away to make sure that Chevy wasn't laying in her spot. Not to worry, we took notes on what she wanted us to tell you.

You see, for the girls, relaxing is essential to their milk making. Whenever Cooler and the other cows are laying down, they are making milk. We have worked hard to provide a comfortable living space for them in the barn so that they will lay down as often as they can. For that to happen, we have built them a custom made barn and compost bedded pack. We will get into this more in the future, but something that Cooler said to us today was really important. "For a consumer to be try our dairy products, it takes a lot of work."

What she meant by that is if the cow is comfortable, she makes milk. When she gets milked to make room for more milk, that milk gets sent over to Westmeadow Creamery. Eventually, that milk gets turned into delicious dairy products that we offer both on our website and in our Farm Store. 

Cooler and the girls are treated like royalty on our farm because we know how important they are to making our widely loved products. If they know they are important, then they will be able to relax and enjoy their day. 

Now you know a little bit about how the cows make milk. Next time you drink a glass of milk or consume any dairy product, you know how that cow made her milk! Cows are so cool!

Anyway, time to get back to work.

Be legend-dairy!