Our Farm

Located in rural Canajoharie, NY, Westmeadow Farm boasts a milking herd of 150 Jersey cows. We treat our animals, plants and soils with the reverence Nature demands, giving us the means to create exquisite products for our customers. 

The Jersey Herd


  • The herd lives and roams freely between fresh luscious pasture and a comfy compost bedded pack.
  • The cows are milked using an automated state-of-the-art robotic system, which we know they prefer!
  • True herd association and socialization is achieved when combining the robotic milking system with the bedded pack and fresh outdoor pastures, substantially lowering cow stress levels, lameness and other common health woes. A healthier, happier herd!
  • Our colleagues can better utilize their time focusing on both the health and well-being of the herd as well as their own.