What is A2-A2 milk?

A2-A2 milk is a reference to milk that contains only one type of protein, named the A2 beta-casein. Unless marked otherwise, the regular milk we see contains both the A1 and the A2 beta-casein. Going back ions in time, early cows had two copies of the A2 gene in their DNA, and produced only A2-A2 milk. Over a long period of time, a mutation, known as the A1 gene, gradually worked its way into the dairy herd. Those cows, and a substantial portion of today’s dairy herd, produce A1-A2 milk.

There is a considerable, and growing body of research showing A1-A2 beta casein may be at the root of milk or dairy product allergies and the surprisingly common lactose intolerance experienced by so many. Our digestive systems will react differently to the A1 protein compared to the A2, and it is the mixing of both that appears to be the issue. A2-A2 milk presents as a far more natural fit to our digestive systems, and its wholesome goodness is readily absorbed without the conflict from the mixed proteins. Most of the studies currently available show that people whom experienced discomfort or a lactose intolerance while consuming milk and dairy products of A1-A2 mix, did not have any issues when drinking A2-A2 milk or dairy products. Although it’s a “work in progress”, the continuing research is very encouraging, and we are convinced an all A2-A2 herd as the source of milk for all our dairy products is the only way to go.

What is your animal treatment policy?

For both our cows and our goats, we follow Nature's direction. No matter the age or the size, they are given the absolute best care that we can give them. Their living quarters are always spacious, frequently cleaned, filled with fresh air, proper shelter, plenty of exercise, and plenty of water. It is our duty to focus on minimizing stress at every level, around every corner. Constantly remind them, we love them, honor them and cherish them as equals.

What days do you ship dairy products?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday will only be for East Coast customers. Packages can be sent to work or home addresses!


How can I purchase your products?

Come and see us at our Farm Store located in Johnstown, NY. Our products are also sold through various independent retailers. You can also shop our products through our Shop tab on this website!